Grow Room Wiring & Electrical Safety in Oklahoma City

Grow RoomsAs more US States begin to approve commercial growth of cannabis and industrial hemp, the rapid expansion of commercial grow rooms is also expanding. Setting up an indoor facility for commercial agriculture manufacturing is not as simple as adding a line-up of UV lights. It also includes adding advanced security systems, automated and temperature-controlled water allocation, climate control optimization, and grow room electrical safety.

Taking on a commercial cannabis growing operation is serious business. Which is why it’s just as critical to locate and hire an experienced commercial electrician in OKC who has the bandwidth and professionalism to efficiently get the job done right.

A leading electrical company that services OKC, Norman, Edmond, Moore and surrounding communities with 20 years of hands-on experience, Spartan Electrical Services guarantees open communication, focusing on quality through the process, and completing jobs on time. With every commercial grow room project we undertake, our focus on detail, following code regulations, and optimizing electrical for energy-efficiency and safety are our top priorities.

Commercial Grow Room Electrical Services in Oklahoma City & Beyond

As noted above, a commercial grow room requires specialized systems to ensure the safe and rapid growth of agriculture. While each building and grow room size is unique for each customer, there are several important systems that should be top of the list for any business owner.

The Grow Room Lighting System

The need for optimized lighting systems is crucial for an industrial grow room. We all know that plants thrive with natural sunlight, but for indoor grow rooms without skylights, this simply isn’t an option. A commercial grow room must have a lighting system that permits the management to control the light cycle for optimal growth conditions.

There are several options to consider, from high-intensity discharge (HID) to LED light systems to light fixtures. There are pros and cons of each system to consider. While HID lights are exceptionally powerful, they produce a tremendous amount of heat. Many commercial grow room operators install reflectors and shields to minimize the harmful effects. On the converse, LED systems are cooler but are more expensive on average than their high-output lighting cousins.

Regardless of which system you select, the electrician lighting installation team at Spartan Electrical Services will work with you, providing professional advice to arm you with facts that can help you make an informed decision.

Climate Control Systems

Plants likewise require an optimal climate for expedited growth. Temperature is crucial, but so are humidity, water, and the circulation of oxygen. An HVAC system can maintain the perfect temperature, humidifiers optimize water grains in the air, and commercial fans and filtration help to optimize the oxygen levels. As there are multiple independent systems and electrical equipment that work together to create an optimal climate, setting up a customized electrical layout will ensure these units work seamlessly together.

Irrigation Systems for Grow Rooms

Most commercial grow rooms start at 4,000 square feet and expand to close to 50,000 square feet or more. The larger the facility, the more dependent on automated systems becomes critical. An optimized irrigation system can allocate life-producing water to plants while helping you save money. This type of system allows you to assign employees to more critical tasks.

Transparency Throughout the Process

Spartan Electrical Services takes tremendous pride in our level of communication with every customer or vendor we work with daily. We work with you throughout the process, from start to finish. Before we start the project, we’ll openly discuss every aspect of the job – receive your feedback, and always let you know of any changes to the original plan before we start the task.

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