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Lighting Systems and ControlsOlder buildings have charm, character, and sometimes an amazing atmosphere. Tearing them down to rebuild a new, more energy-efficient facility is not always the best course of action. When you have an existing property that requires lighting retrofits or you’re looking to incorporate LED lighting for a new construction project, Spartan Electrical Services is the commercial lighting contractor in OKC you can trust to complete the job.

The professionals at Spartan Electrical Services have been providing commercial lighting installer services, lighting design, parking lot light installation, and other commercial lighting solutions for more than two decades. Whether it’s helping older buildings to upgrade their electrical infrastructure, either for safety, code, or energy-efficiency purposes to installing modern electrical systems, integrated smart electrical solutions in new facilities, we have the experience you’re looking for.

Spartan Electrical Services has set the standard for professionalism, using high-quality components, and always placing the safety and needs of our customers first.

Electrical Upgrades for Older Commercial Properties

Reducing overhead expenses is a primary objective for many smart business owners and property managers. One of the biggest line items that impact bottom line profits are utilities, and specifically, the electricity bill.

Old and outdated lighting such as fluorescent lighting fixtures in the office and shop areas are sometimes the biggest culprit in energy consumption. Swapping those high-cost inefficient HID lights in the shop areas and on the exterior with newer, high-efficiency LED lighting that is brighter and less expensive is a smart and cost-effective solution.

Another way businesses can reduce energy costs is to implement lighting controls in a building. Some simple ways to accomplish this is to have Spartan Electrical Services install photocells or time clocks to the exterior and security lighting. Advanced solutions would include installing occupancy sensors in a building and scheduling automatic controls based on when the building is in use.

Smart Electrical Systems

Energy efficiency can also collaborate with convenience. Imagine having the flexibility to manage the HVAC system from your mobile device? Perhaps allowing individual tenants to customize their environmental settings, turn off lighting, or custom audio/visual controls? With the advent of smart electrical and Wi-Fi connectivity, these concepts can become a reality.

If you’re thinking about integrating smart connectivity into your commercial building, give Spartan Electrical Services a call to create a strategy and execute the plan!

Your Satisfaction is Our Objective

Spartan Electrical Services is dedicated to an education-first customer service experience. It begins with the first phone call and continues through consultation, project management, and installation services. We also pride ourselves with our ethical and on-time completion of projects, staying within our budget, or receiving approval prior to any changes in the plan.

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Spartan Electrical serves cities and towns in the greater Oklahoma City Metro Area and offers a suite of customized commercial electrical services. We provide lighting installation business owners in Edmond, Norman, Moore, Mustang, Yukon, Newcastle, Midwest City, The Village, Nichols Hills, Bethany, and Tuttle.

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