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New Electrical Circuits and OutletsUpgrades of appliances, equipment, power sources, and tools are common for a commercial business. As technology improves, and electrical-powered devices become more energy-efficient, many proactive business owners are looking to enhance the power supply or make it more convenient for their employees to use.

For commercial property owners looking to have a professional OKC electrician install new electrical outlets and circuits, Spartan Electrical Services is the experienced and trusted electrician you want assisting with your project.

As a proven electrical contractor with more than two decades of experience under our belt, Spartan Electrical Services continues to exceed the expectation of every business owner and property manager we work with daily. Each project is customized to fit the needs of the commercial property customer, and we always complete each project on time and within budget.

New Equipment Electrical Installation

Sometimes an upgrade of equipment will come with a need to install a unique power supply. For example, if you’ve decided to install a 240-volt system, you’ll need to have a professional electrician install that outlet. There are also electrical upgrades that will require multiple breakers or specific outlets (such as installing a GFCI outlet).

In some situations, the location of the new outlets or electric panels are required to be placed based on safety or code regulations. In every case, we will openly communicate these requirements to you to ensure you’re fully aware and satisfied. Our primary objective is to protect the people and equipment inside your commercial building.

Lighting Upgrades

Our team at Spartan Electrical Services also offers lighting upgrade installations. If you have an area that is not properly lit, or you need a new light switch, or you have a need to install specialized lighting – such as a grow house, laboratory, or manufacturing applications, our company has the experience to complete the task and give you peace of mind.

Added Surge Protection

We depend on our computers more today than ever before. Manufacturers and logistics professionals use them to automate equipment and processes. It’s also a growing trend for fulfillment centers and warehouses to utilize Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected devices that likewise require custom electrical installation, often in hard-to-reach areas for maximum bandwidth.

Our team at Spartan Electrical Services can help with any of these new circuits or electrical outlet installation services and more.

An Elevated Customer Experience

Commercial and residential customers throughout OKC trust and highly recommend our company with specialty electrical installation, service, and replacement projects for multiple reasons. Our dedication to an education-first customer service experience, along with our ethical and on-time completion of projects while maintaining an open line of communication from start to finish, is also critical to providing the best electrical service experience.

Who We Service

Spartan Electrical Services serves cities and towns in the greater Oklahoma City Metro Area and offers a suite of custom electrical work ranging from setting up entire electrical systems to troubleshooting and repairing those minor electrical glitches.

With every service, we offer your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Our team will not mark the project complete until you are happy.

Spartan Electrical Services offers custom electrical circuit and outlet installations for commercial customers throughout the greater OKC region. We serve business owners in Edmond, Norman, Moore, Mustang, Yukon, Newcastle, Midwest City, The Village, Nichols Hills, Bethany, and Tuttle.

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