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Electrical for Tenant ImprovementsMost commercial buildings are initially planned and built with a bare-bones structure. It starts by creating the core and shell of the facility, which includes plumbing and electrical that is rudimentary. As tenants are courted, specific upgrades are planned and installed based on the unique needs of their operation.

Hiring a licensed electrical contractor in Oklahoma City that has experience with these specialty projects not only ensures the job is done right, complies with code regulations, gives the tenant what they need, and the building owner confidence in their electrical system. This is a job that the team at Spartan Electrical Services is ready to undertake.

With more than 20-years of commercial electrical experience under our belt, the Spartan Electrical Services team is OKC’s go-to source for electrical system planning, installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements.
Our team understands and complies with all city, county, state, and federal regulations and places an emphasis on quality with every project we undertake. We can meet with the commercial building owner, property management, or tenants to plan a customized solution to ensure they receive what they need.

Custom Tenant Electrical Installation

When a new commercial building is built, it’s not uncommon for the electrical system to include a few lights, an electrical meter, and a panel. You’ll also find fire code required exit signs and a few lights installed sporadically through the facility. The fun begins when tenants are planning to move into that facility.

Most tenants will budget to customize and remodel the space to suit their individual needs. For example, if you were to look at the average shopping mall, you’ll see a plethora of unique business types, from restaurants, clothing stores, and electronics providers. Each of these business types requires a completely different electrical layout.

One of our strengths at Spartan Electrical Services is the ability to collaborate with different business types to create and install a perfect electrical system to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s a shoe store requiring a no-frills electrical system or a computer or cell phone service company with a need for strong Wi-Fi and multiple power outlets to power devices, we’ll spend the time required to understand and design the electrical system perfect for their application.

Dedicated to Superior Service

Our dedication to an education-first customer service experience and an ethical and on-time completion of projects is a trademark and what makes Spartan an electrical company that commercial property managers and tenants in OKC can trust and rely on for complex and simple electrical services.

We pride ourselves on open and transparent communication with each customer and also providing consistent quality of all our electrical system installations and repairs. It’s a priority of our team to exceed your expectations, so we can earn the trust of your business for years to come.

Commercial Electrical Service Throughout OKC

Spartan Electrical serves cities and towns in the greater Oklahoma City Metro Area. This includes commercial electrical services in Edmond, Moore, Norman, Mustang, Yukon, Newcastle, Yukon, Midwest City, The Village, Nichols Hills, Bethany, Tuttle, and Harrah. We have the bandwidth to complete projects large and small and will always customize our services to meet your needs.

With every service we offer, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Our team will not mark the project complete until you are happy.

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