Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades & Replacements in OKC

Circuit-Breaker-Panel-Upgrades-&-ReplacementsThe electrical breaker panel is tasked to regulate the safe flow of raw electricity streaming into your home via a system of electrical breakers. But, it’s often misunderstood – as many homeowners assume that if a circuit breaker ‘trips’ it’s due to an overload of electricity. That’s not quite accurate. An overload is amperage related, a surge of electricity would be more accurate but circuit breakers don’t trip due to surges.

If excess amperage is detected, the circuit breaker will activate – which saves expensive appliances and electrical systems from significant damage. When the circuit breaker is running strong, your home is protected. But, when its damaged – it’s not a quick fix. It needs to be replaced by an experienced residential electrician.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your older circuit panel or need to replace a circuit breaker due to serious issues such as electrical fire or flood damage, the local electricians at Spartan Electrical Services offers homeowners a professionally installed solution from a team of experienced electricians.

With more than 20-years of residential and commercial electrical work experience under our belt, the Spartan Electrical Services team is OKC’s go-to source for home electrical system service, troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements.

How We Service

Our dedication to an education-first customer service experience and an ethical and on-time completion of projects is a trademark and what makes Spartan an electrical company in Oklahoma City that homeowners trust and rely on for complex and simple electrical services.

Who We Service

Spartan Electrical serves cities and towns in the greater Oklahoma City Metro Area and offers a suite of custom Home Electrical System or Circuit Breaker Panel services – ranging from setting up entire electrical systems to helping you upgrade an electrical panel to troubleshooting and repairing those minor electrical glitches.

With every service we offer – your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Our team will not mark the project complete until you are happy.

Breaker Panel Replacement in Oklahoma City

An electrical panel can fail for multiple reasons. Some damage is caused by elements outside of your control, such as severe thunderstorms, extreme winds during a tornado, or flood damage. Pesky vermin such as field mice, rats, or raccoons can also chew through electrical wires providing power to the circuit panel.

It’s also common for electrical fuses (in homes older than 20+ years mainly) to wear out due to extensive use, exposure to the elements, or simply outdated technology. Regardless of the reason, if your main electrical panel is the root source of your electrical issues, our team has the skills and practical experience to get the job done quickly – and correctly.

Individual Electrical Breaker / Circuit Replacement

Sometimes the issue is not the entire electrical or circuit panel – but a single circuit or individual breaker. While it seems logical that a simple replacement of an individual breaker or fuse is a quick fix, this won’t resolve the problem – nor is it recommended. An older home’s main breaker box or panel eventually wears out – and should always be replaced with an updated and safer system.

Nevertheless, our team at Spartan Electrical Services has an outstanding relationship with electrical parts suppliers, allowing us to find those older replacement parts – at prices that won’t break your budget.

We Focus on the Details

If there is a constant with our customer reviews – it’s the fact that home and commercial property owners love Spartan Electrical Services due to our focus on minor details that make a huge difference.

This is especially important when you’re trying to resolve an electrical panel or circuit breaker problem.

Many electrical companies try to convince the homeowner that full panel replacement is the only solution to their issue. And with due respect, sometimes this is the best course of action. However, Spartan Electrical Services will complete a full on-site inspection, including thermal imaging of the entire breaker panel (if needed), before we recommend a repair or provide an estimate. There are several reasons for this.

First: How can we honestly recommend a repair if we don’t know what’s broken? We will always verify the root issue first before any price quotes or estimates are provided.

Second: Repairs are discussed and completed 100% to code, not patchworked. Another common challenge for homeowners can be receiving an inferior or incomplete repair that only acts as a ‘Band-Aid’ approach rather than a complete fix (ultimately, the issues comes back, requiring a second visit, and you guessed it, another charge to the homeowner).

Third: You deserve a personal experience. Spartan Electrical Service treats every job as it were our most important. We want to exceed your expectations and will go above and beyond to complete repairs correctly – the first time.

Spartan Electrical Services offers complete home electrical system or main circuit breaker service in Oklahoma City and the cities and towns within the greater OKC region.


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