Electric Car Charger Installation in Oklahoma City

EV-Charging-StationAs automotive technology continues to grow, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrids are becoming more popular. With more EVs being sold, the need for residential electric car charging stations is likewise increasing. Whether you own a Tesla, Audi, BMW, or hybrid-powered Ford, Toyota, Nissan, or other popular brand, the electrical experts at Spartan Electrical Service can install and perform any necessary maintenance on your charging station.

The professionals at Spartan Electrical Services have served the greater OKC community for more than two decades. With extensive residential and commercial electrical services – from troubleshooting pesky electrical gremlins to creating whole home electrical systems to installing and maintaining your EV station.

Recently, we’ve expanded our service offerings to include customized electrical charging systems, including Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charging systems. Like any other residential electrical project, our EV charging station installations always follow manufacturer recommendations, local and national electrical code and are set-up with safety as our primary objective.

Spartan Electrical Services has the bandwidth to complete projects of all size and scope. We deliver open and transparent communication and provide thorough advice and consultation from concept to completion.

Types of EV Chargers for Electric Vehicles

In the automotive world, there are generally two types of electric-powered vehicles – hybrids, which blend battery-powered motors with a combustion engine, and full electric powered. However, hybrids are charged while the combustion engine is in operation. As such, they are generally not plugged into an electrical outlet.

The only vehicles that require outside electrical power are full EVs or plug-in Hybrids. Homeowners in Oklahoma City have three options when it comes to electrical charging stations installed in their garage or driveways.

Level 1 Charging Station: This is the entry-level and arguably the easiest EV charging station to install. It’s also called the 120-volt charger, as it’s the charging system that comes with each electric vehicle sold. A level 1 charging station is basically a three-prong plug that’s inserted into a traditional outlet and slowly charges the vehicle.

Level 2 Charging Station: This is known as the 240-volt charger, they charge twice as fast as the level 1 system. Most electrically powered vehicles require this type of charging station to provide overnight charging. A level 2 charging station is also the type of system that should be installed by a professional electrician.

DC Charging Stations: Some people call these level 3 – but that’s not accurate. It’s the quickest electrical charging system for EVs – as it’s a direct DC charge vs. the traditional alternating current. The problem is that these systems are only permitted in public sites and can’t be installed in residential homes.

Home Charging Station Installation Process

Believe it or not, a home charging station doesn’t technically ‘charge’ the vehicle. The charging is completed via an on-board charging system that converts the household AC current to direct current that is stored in the vehicle’s batteries. The charging station or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) supplies the ‘juice’ but is customized based on the type of EV you have.

Before we can install a residential charging system, we’ll need to know the make and model of your EV, the location of the closest electrical panel to your parking spot, and the vehicle’s range or PHEVs (or the average miles driven between charges). Once we gather this information, we’ll help you choose the right charging station, and walk you through the job.

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