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Garage-&-Shop-Wiring-&-UpgradesThese days, getting creative about how to leverage the square footage in your garage for more than just storing vehicles has become quite common. Maybe you’re a woodworker or a mechanic, and you want to take your workshop to the next level. Or maybe you want to add TV’s to set up a kids ‘gaming area’ or workout area. The garage space can be upgraded, and it’s a great way to bring more functionality to your residential space.

Having a professional electrician in Oklahoma City that can help you understand what electrical requirements will be necessary to accomplish your project goals and meet code is critical. Spartan Electrical Services offers garage lighting upgrades, power outlet installation, and customizes our electrical installation services based on the individual needs of our customers.

Our reputation for open communication, focusing on quality through the process, and completing jobs on time has become a trademark. With every garage or shop electrical installation or repair project, we place an emphasis on safety, always follow local codes and regulations, and ensure you’re completely satisfied before we mark the job complete.

Please review a few of the garage and shop electrical offerings listed below, and don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about special electrical services you’re seeking.

Garage Electrical Services

Lighting in a garage is not a focus point for home builders. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a two-car garage to include a single outlet and lightbulb. However, anyone who works on cars or completes crafts inside a garage will confirm the importance of proper lighting. It’s also crucial to have the right power sources, strategic outlet locations, and ample electrical supply for larger equipment.

Spartan Electrical Services offers a slew of garage lighting and electrical outlet installations that helps DIYers complete projects.

Lighting – As noted above, the standard garage lighting package is extremely limited. Our team of licensed electricians can upgrade your existing equipment with a higher wattage system, improve the lumen level, or add more lights for specific areas.

Electrical Receptacles – Welders, air compressors, deep freezers, and other specialty equipment requires dedicated outlets to operate efficiently and not overload the electrical system. Our team can install custom electrical receptacles inside an attached or detached garage.

Shop Electrical Services

If you’re going to work with power tools, welding equipment, or use aerosol or toxic chemicals indoors, you’ll need some additional electrical outlets and systems to ensure safety for shop occupants. Whether you’re looking to add more power, or strategically located receptacles for wood or metal cutting, mills, and fabrication equipment, our team offers an affordable and professionally-installed solution.

Shop Electrical Panel – When you design a custom shop, it’s important to create an electrical panel set-up that will exceed your power requirements. Our team can customize an electrical panel and full electrical installation package to meet any sized product – that falls within code regulations for residential properties.

Lighting – Like the garage, working on specialty products in a shop is improved with ample or specialized lighting fixtures. We have experience setting up lighting packages for wood manufacturing, metal fabrication, automotive detailing, and light manufacturing.

Exhaust Systems – Anytime you work in an enclosed environment, proper ventilation is an important safety feature. This is especially critical if you’re working with chemicals, using equipment that cuts, or if smoke is emitted. We can help with your exhaust systems for sawdust and welding smoke evacuation.

Transparency Throughout the Process

Spartan Electrical Services takes tremendous pride in our level of communication with every customer or vendor we work with daily. We work with you throughout the process – from start to finish. Before we start the project, we’ll openly discuss every aspect of the job – receive your feedback, and always let you know of any changes to the original plan before we start the task.

Once the garage or shop project is complete, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied before we mark the job complete.

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