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Smart-Home-TechnologyConnectivity and energy efficiency is the name of the game in modern residential home construction. Having the flexibility to remotely activate your home’s lights, turn on your air conditioning in the summer, or lock your doors from your mobile device not only gives you peace of mind, but can save you a lot of money in electrical bills.

Smart home electrical services in residential construction projects are a growing product offering of Spartan Electrical Services. Whether you own an existing home in Mustang, or are planning your dream home near Nichols Hills, our team of experienced electricians are ready to walk you through the entire smart home electrical project from start to finish.

We have established a solid reputation for open and transparent communication, clearly explaining the project scope, and establishing budgets that make sense. With every smart home electrical project we undertake, our dedication for maintaining safety, following new construction codes and regulations, and producing quality-driven results is on full display.

Spartan Electrical Services offers a suite of smart home electrical projects for residential property owners in Oklahoma City and surrounding towns, including the following listed below.

Smart Home Electrical Systems

Imagine being able to turn your home’s AC on while you’re grocery shopping? Or perhaps watching the Amazon delivery driver drop off your expensive package? These convenient tasks are possible when you opt for a smart home electrical system installed by Spartan Electrical Services.

Smart home automated systems are becoming common in residential properties throughout Oklahoma City. Some of the more common upgrades made to new homes or existing properties include:

Remote climate control systems: A growing trend in residential construction is the inclusion of climate control systems that can be activated and monitored through smartphones and mobile devices. This allows you to adjust temperatures on the fly, turn the system off while you’re on the road, or activate again when you’re on the way home.
Audio & Video Controls: Imagine having the flexibility to turn on your television, home stereo, or Alexa by simply speaking out loud inside the home. A smart home electrical system using Wi-Fi technology and connectivity can make this a reality.
Indoor or Outdoor Lighting: Setting the perfect mood or ambiance is another control feature with many smart home electrical systems. From multiple locations, you can program and set lighting features, especially when your home utilizes LED lighting.

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We understand that you have several electrical companies in Oklahoma City to complete your smart home electrical system. Spartan Electrical Services strives to save you both time and money by combining experience, high-quality parts and equipment, and exceptional service.

Spartan Electrical Services offers smart home installation in Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Norman and all surrounding cities and towns in the region.

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