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Electrical-for-New-Construction-+-AdditionsBuilding a dream home is an exciting undertaking for many Oklahoma City residents, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

Like any other construction project, a residential development requires planning and hiring the right contractors or specialists to complete important tasks.

Although it may be tempting to try to save a few dollars on hiring the most affordable contractor, the electrical system is one project you can’t afford to compromise on.

It is for this reason that hiring a professional electrician in Oklahoma City that has the experience, dedication to quality results, and a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget is crucial to ensure a seamless electrical installation.

The professionals at Spartan Electrical Services have served the greater OKC community for more than two decades. With every new home development project, renovation, or custom installation of complex electrical systems, our dedication to maintaining safety, following new construction codes and regulations, and producing quality-driven results is on full display.

We are your go-to electrical contractor for new home constructions big and small – from prefab construction to custom home builds.

Spartan Electrical Services has the bandwidth to complete projects of all sizes and scope. We deliver open and transparent communication and provide thorough advice and consultation from concept to completion.

Spartan Electrical Services offers a suite of residential electrical projects for new home construction, including the following listed below.

Complete Electrical for New Residential Construction

Although technology has advanced significantly in recent years, wiring a new home and creating a robust electrical system really breaks down to one basic principle – focus on the details. This is the trademark of our electrical company in Oklahoma City.

With every new residential construction project, our team will work with the developers, homeowners, and others involved in the new construction build to ensure that every aspect of your homes complete electrical system is properly planned, installed, tested and inspected, and double-checked for quality before the project is marked complete.

We have the experience to complete full electrical system installation or can customize a solution based on your individual preferences, budget, or desires. We will work with you through the entire project from planning to completion.

Residential Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

There are some situations, especially in new home development and construction, when you might need to bring in a seasoned professional for a second opinion or to diagnose a hard-to-find electrical problem. Some people call these “Gremlins” – but in the end, it takes an experienced electrician to ensure those pesky electrical issues do not multiply.

The Spartan electrical team understands complex electrical systems, but most importantly, prescribes to a methodology of troubleshooting electrical repairs that allows us to find and discover the root issue and weed it out completely. We will go above and beyond to ensure that any electrical repairs will resolve the issue, not just put some duct tape on it and call it good.

Residential Circuit Breaker Panels

Residential electrical projects are not as complex as their commercial counterparts. However, there are a lot of electricians in Oklahoma City and surrounding towns who overthink or complicate the process of installing residential circuit breaker panels. Although attention to detail is crucial, the main attribute that leads to a successful installation of residential electrical systems involves using the right materials and techniques – for the specific residential electrical system desired.

Our team of experienced electricians prescribes to this methodology and will ensure each electrical panel – and the components within, are a perfect fit for your individual residential electrical system.

Smart Home Electrical Systems

Connectivity and energy efficiency is a popular desire of any fiscally responsible homeowner. A growing trend in new home electrical is installing smart home electrical systems. Whether you prefer to connect your home’s HVAC system via your mobile device, turn off your lights while on vacation, or simply want to program the exact time your bedroom lights turn on, our team can customize a smart home electrical system to fit your desire.

Your Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that you have several electrical companies in Oklahoma City to complete your residential new home construction project.

Spartan Electrical Services is focused on providing you with an exceptional experience by leveraging extensive expertise as we are committed to ongoing education, using high-quality parts and equipment to ensure we are not cutting any corners, and we are committed to providing exceptional service.

Our team of seasoned electricians also offers specialized electrical installation projects common with new home construction including:

• Electrical Safety Inspections (Thermal Imaging of the Main Breaker and Service Entrance Included)
• Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)/Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)
• Whole-Home Surge Protectors
• Outdoor Lighting and Living (such as landscape lighting, outdoor kitchens, exterior speaker systems, and more).
• Pool & Spa Wiring and Lighting
• Garage and Shop Wiring
• Theater Rooms & Man Caves
• Security & Safety Systems (such as Co2 and smoke detectors, safety lighting, water/leak detectors, wireless sensors for doors and windows, and video doorbells). We do not offer home-based alarm systems, though – it’s just not our cup of tea.
• Smart Home Systems & Automation (Home Automation, Lights, Video/Doorbells, Security Cameras, etc.)
• Spartan Electrical Services offers residential electrical installations in Oklahoma City (OKC) and surrounding cities and towns within the greater OKC region.

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