Electrician for Pool & Spa Wiring & Lighting in Oklahoma City

Pool-SpaHot-Tub-WiringThere is nothing as refreshing as jumping in a cool swimming pool on a blazing summer afternoon. But you can’t start swimming until that pool is built. Setting up a durable and weatherproof electrical system to power the pool lighting and filtration system is one of the most important steps in the construction of new pools and hot tubs.

Whether you’re subcontracting individual specialists to custom build a pool or you own a pool and spa installation company looking for experienced electricians, the team at Spartan Electrical Services has the skill, talent, and experience to complete pool and spa wiring and lighting projects of any size or scope.

For more than 20-years, the experts at Spartan Electrical Services have set the standard for completing professional electrical service, troubleshooting, inspections, and repairs – ranging from minor fixes to full commercial building electrical planning and installation. Customers from Norman to Newcastle depend on our expertise – and you can too.

Electrician for Pool and Hot Tub in Oklahoma City

A swimming pool is not a plug-in electrical system. Due to the exposure to water and outdoor use, it also requires specialized electrical components that will protect the system. This type of complex electrical set up requires a licensed electrician to install the pool electricity system and outlets.

A swimming pool or hot tub is definitely not a DIY electrical job – which is why several homeowners and pool builders trust Spartan Electrical Services.

Our Pool and Hot Tub or Spa Wiring Services

Spartan Electrical Services customizes each electrical job we undertake to cater to the needs of each individual customer and their hot tub and pool equipment. Some of the common swimming pool or hot tub electrical services in Oklahoma City include:

Service Panel Inspection: Before we start any swimming pool or hot tub electrical installation, we initially inspect the electrical panel to ensure it has enough amperage and open slots to accommodate unique electrical requirements.
GFCI Installation: A ground fault circuit interrupter is required for swimming pools or hot tubs. This safety system will shut off power to the equipment if a ground fault is detected. We must first determine if the GFCI outlets need a repair or replacement.
Management of Equipotential Bonding Requirements: This is unique protective method employed to increase the safety of the users of bodies of water such as pools, spas, and hot tubs.
Recommend the Correct Spacing: It’s crucial to install electrical power and lighting for swimming pools and hot tubs within a specific and safe distance. We’ll ensure this is completed for optimal protection to swimmers and the equipment.

Dedicated to Quality and Exceeding Expectations

You have a choice as to which OKC electrical contractors to hire for swimming pool and spa installations. This type of specialized service is a project you don’t want to compromise quality. When you compare our service history, years of experience, and our excellent reputation, it is clear to see why Spartan Electrical Services is the trusted name for complete residential electrical needs – especially swimming pool and hot tub electrical installation.

Regardless of the size or scope of your outdoor electrical project, Spartan Electrical Services has the ability and bandwidth to complete it on time and within budget.

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