Residential Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting in OKC

Residential-Electrical-Repairs-&-TroubleshootingChasing down an electrical problem is one of the most frustrating tasks a homeowner can face.

Whether you have a situation involving your heating and air conditioning system, or you are trying to locate the GFCI or AFCI circuit that has tripped, causing the washer and dryer to stop working, the expert electricians at Spartan Electrical Service have the skill, experience, and patience to locate those pesky electrical issues and fix them correctly – the first time.

For more than two decades, our Oklahoma City licensed electricians have diagnosed and repaired electrical failures or faults large and small in both residential and commercial properties.

We have a complete understanding of home-based electrical systems, allowing us to trace the root source of a power outage, electrical outlet failure, or advanced electrical issues that can pop up without warning.

We Provide Comprehensive Residential Electrical Repair Service For:

• Outdated or overloaded wiring
• Faulty electrical sockets
• Faulty interior and exterior wiring
• General Troubleshooting and electrical repairs

Our professional electricians are available to homeowners across Oklahoma City, whether you’re near the University of Oklahoma in Norman or Edmond near Oklahoma Christian University, we provide electrical services to multiple cities and small towns in the OKC metro area.

We are here to provide complete electrical repairs quickly and always ensure the problem is fully resolved and meets any electrical codes necessary before the job is marked complete.

Electrical codes exist to ensure safety, consistency, and uniformity in the industry. The code provides the necessary direction about the correct and incorrect way to perform electrical installations and repairs. If an electrician fails to follow the code, you and your family’s safety could be impacted. That’s why it is important to call the experts at Spartan Electrical Services to handle your residential electrical repairs.

A Proven Methodology for Troubleshooting Electrical Faults

Troubleshooting an electrical issue requires experience that you simply cannot learn in a book.

It takes years of on-site and practical education to develop the skill set needed to find the root issue with any electrical system failure. While residential electrical systems are similar, technology has significantly changed over the past few decades, and so have the parts and pieces involved in supplying power throughout a home.

Older homes in OKC are prone to frayed wiring inside walls, in the attic, or even in corroded electrical conduit piping. These older properties can also fall victim to rodent-caused damage too.

We Offer Electric Repair Service for:

• Outdoor Lighting
• Indoor Lighting
• Light Fixtures
• Switches, Outlets & Dimmers
• Electrical Panels
• Appliance Circuits
• Surge Protection
• EV Charging Stations
• Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
• Smart Home Automation
• Theater Rooms/Man Caves
• Basements
• Ceiling Fans
• Emergency Services
• And More

The experts at Spartan Electrical Services can diagnose and repair electrical failures in both older and new residential properties. Regardless of the project’s size or scope, our professionals are ready to take on the job.

The ultimate objective of Spartan Electrical Services is to exceed the expectations of each customer we serve. We can achieve this goal by offering complete electrical troubleshooting and repairs throughout your home that are in-line with any code requirements.

We are just a phone call away and ready to troubleshoot and fix any electrical problem your home is experiencing.

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