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Electrical-Safety-InspectionsSelling or buying a new home involves multiple inspections that can make or break a deal. If a property is filled with infrastructure problems, or minor glitches that will eventually morph into serious and costly repairs, the new homeowner is often on the hook.

This is a major reason why having a professional and experienced OKC electrician complete a residential electrical safety inspection is a smart idea – that can help detect minor issues that can be resolved before they morph into serious and expensive replacement jobs.

An electrical safety inspection is recommended for any homeowner looking to sell their property, a prospective buyer, or any residential property owner concerned about possible damage to their home’s wiring.

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The expert electricians at Spartan Electrical Service have the skill, experience, and advanced technology equipment to complete safety inspections in both commercial and residential properties.

For more than 20-years, we have set the standard for completing professional electrical service, troubleshooting, inspections, and repairs – ranging from minor fixes in a residential setting to full commercial building planning and electrical installation.

Regardless of the project’s size or scope, we go above and beyond to communicate with our customers clearly, finish all tasks on time, and strive for perfection every step of the way.

Customers in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Moore, Tuttle, Mustang, Del City, Midwest City, Harrah, Bethany, Yukon and beyond depend on our expertise – and you can too!

Understanding Residential Electrical Inspections

Contrary to popular belief, electrical components are not foolproof or without the potential for failure. There are situations that occur when an electrical outlet, connection, or individual component may emit heat, creating a potential safety risk and the threat of fire.

An electrical inspection is intended to provide a big-picture review of a home’s electrical system. The traditional residential electrical inspection starts at the entrance, continues to inspect the main panel and would include some thermal images if trouble spots are detected.

A robust residential electrical inspection is always customized to meet the needs of the homeowner and the property size but may include some of the following individual services.

• Documenting the type and age of the service and main panel. The intent here is to identify obsolete or unsafe equipment that may have been recalled or poses a safety risk.
• Specifically calling out any obsolete equipment or any that have been deemed unsafe and have been recalled.
• Document the quality and condition of the service and main panel.
• Check all wire connectors for proper torque.
• Check for any obvious code violations and life safety issues.
• Properly torque all connections.
• Verify the presence of GFCI protection breakers or receptacles in the bathrooms and kitchens as well as outdoors.
• Test a representative number of outlets for proper connections.
• Make note of any obvious issues with any of the other homes electrical supplies, wiring or equipment.

What Can an Infrared Safety Inspection Detect?

An infrared electrical inspection is a modern technique that allows a professional electrician to locate hot spots on the electrical panel caused by defects in electrical components or connections.

Infrared technology helps to locate the early stages of electrical component degradation. In fact, this is a major reason why many home lenders or insurance companies recommend this type of service prior to approving a property sale or new insurance coverage.

If you suspect an electrical inefficiency or are asked to have an electrical safety inspection completed, Spartan Electrical Services can locate several potential conditions including:

• Overloads
• Loose or Deteriorated Connection
• Defective Equipment

Why Should You Request an Infrared Electrical Inspection?

Spartan Electrical Services is a proven expert in completing residential electrical inspections. One of the best ways to complete this is through infrared technology. The Spartan team takes pride in completing thorough inspections, which can provide you with some helpful benefits, including:

• Helps to reduce downtime with electrical repairs
• Increase electrical system lifespan
• Reduce service interruptions
• Lower repair costs

Dedicated to Quality and Exceeding Expectations

We understand that there are many residential electricians in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities. When you compare our service history, years of experience, and excellent reputation, it is clear to see why homeowners have trusted Spartan Electrical Services for complete residential electrician needs.

The experts at Spartan Electrical Services offer home electrical safety inspections for both older and modern residential properties. Regardless of the size or scope of the project – we are ready to take on the job.

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