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Finding a dependable electrical contractor that serves a small town like Harrah, OK can be a challenge. Some are experienced with residential repairs, while others focus on commercial repairs. However, when home or business owners need a full-service electrician, they often reach out to the experts at Spartan Electrical Services.

As a leading electrical contractor that has served OKC and surrounding cities like Harrah for more than 20-years, Spartan Electrical Services has a proven reputation for professional repairs, new system installation, and troubleshooting. With every job we undertake, the safety of every occupant – today and in the future is our top priority. We never compromise the quality of our work to save a few dollars – and with every job we undertake, you will always receive nothing short of exceptional customer service.

Spartan Electrical Service offers a suite of electrical services, each of which you can review by clicking the links below. We have experience with older electrical systems and modern technology you would find in commercial buildings. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we are capable and eager to assist.

Spartan Electrical Services offers commercial and residential solutions including the following:

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