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Even a small farming town like Tuttle, OK is prone to experiencing electrical problems. Whether it is a cattle ranch with inconsistent power outages, or an older home that requires electrical wiring upgrades, residents and business owners of Tuttle depend on hiring honest, genuine, and hard-working contractors to keep them in business and the lights on at home.

For more than 20-years, the experts at Spartan Electrical Services have been the electricians they call for residential or commercial electrical repairs, installation, and service. Our team offers full electrical services, such as installing new circuits, environmental controls for grow houses, even planning and installing electrical systems in full commercial facilities.

Our team will openly communicate with you – listening to all your questions, addressing each concern with a simple to understand and honest answer. More than that – when we say we are going to take on a job – we will put forth our best effort to complete that task on time and within budget. Regardless of the size of your electrical repair or job, we are happy to discuss the project with you today.

Spartan Electrical Services offers commercial and residential solutions including the following:

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